PNB IBS Shield

PNB IBS shield provide its customer’s a secure Internet banking platform to carry out their activities and transactions in internet banking without worries. PNB IBS Shield has been implemented with two authentication mechanisms for secure internet banking experience:

  • Site-to-User Authentication (Image & Phrase)
  • Risk-based Authentication (Challenge Questions)

Site to User (Image & Phrase)

    Site-to-User is a security enhancement designed to confirm that you are logging in to our genuine Web site. You choose a unique image and phrase known only to you and our Internet banking system. Then, each time you log in, you will see your unique image and phrase. If you do not see your image and phrase, do not log in.

Risk-based Authentication (Challenge Questions)

  • Adaptive authentication is a means of providing authentication for end users without them having to know it is as work. This invisible form of authentication uses its logic to learn user behavior and detect fraudulent activity. It looks at various parameters, like behavioral profile, device-related profile, what sort of web browser is being used, the plug-ins used in the browser, etc.
  • User needs to select any 7 questions out of a set of 50 questions available in Internet Banking system and set his own replies against each question. Whenever, the risk score goes high, system throws challenge questions to the user and allows to proceed further only after putting the correct reply to the question being asked by the system, as provided by the user while registering challenge questions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)